Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 86, randomness

I'm going to link to the first day of the challenge here if you are wondering what all of this is. I also want to clarify to anyone that should be reading. This is not supposed to be award winning poetry. This was a blog in poetic form, a fun way to share my days, express myself and challenge myself. Nothing more. So things have been crazy and good but I am fatigued I think, lacking that time and space to feel creative. Once I get back into my own home I am hoping this will change, that I will get nap time back for some real poetry forms!

When the Pace Picks Up

When the pace picks up
I will run harder
I will compete
but now I want to rest
set my gait to the sluggish
lead my day takes on.
I'm ever aware this is no way
to win a race.
Why can't there be pumpkin spice lattes
waiting at that finish line?
or if there is why can't I see it?

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