Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day #13, Doggerel, socks on the floor anyone?

Definition of Doggerel
A Doggerel is a light verse which is humorous and comic by nature - often viewed with disdain as containing little literary value.

so this is SUPPOSED to be bad... so you are forewarned!

Socks Astray
Have you ever seen a sock
lying on the ground
not an ordinary frock
not one lost and found
but conveniently discarded
next to the laundry bin
all courtesy disregarded
and your patience running thin?

You find yourself grabbing at it
putting it in its place
but suddenly your husband isn't
finding so much grace.

The lowly sock can ruin
more than one good day
but a Godly woman
knows just what she should say,

What a lovely home I'm blessed with
my blessings do abound
and today and here to forthwith
this floor is Holy ground.

So if your leaving socks
next to the very thing
meant to hold such frocks
you'll be doing your own washing!

Seriously this isn't too big a problem in my house but let's say it has been a phenomenon a time or two... my husband does better than most at picking up after himself, the 8 year old is learning though!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day #12, Dactyl, I am so not feeling it...

Dactyl Poetry Type
The Dactyl Poetry Term is a metrical foot of three syllables, one long (or stressed) followed by two short (or unstressed), as in 'happily'. The dactyl is the reverse of theAnapaest. An example of the dactyl from "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred Lord Tennyson is: Half a League, Half a League, Half a League, onward.

A modern example is the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds":
Picture yourself in a boat on a river with
tangerine tree-ees and marmalade skii-ii-es.

Naptime's Bliss Is
There's a piece of a day that surrenders
a moment that's quiet bliss.
Sleep has stolen his voice
toys have quit spilling over.
Thoughts plunder our brains
One little hour can do
what eight in his presence can not
nap times sweetest gift is 
the luxury of a thought.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day #11, in honor of Z

Free verse, in memory of Zachary Bolton and so many other tiny souls. What special babies and what special mother's to share these little one's with us. At least for me, I know my heart is a trillion times bigger because of it, in that good but hurty way. You have all of my admiration.

A to Z
Z is a letter at the end
of the alphabet
but it sits
in front of one mother's heart.
And on her table is the 
Z that always reminds
me of love's hidden strings
and the missing pearls
that gleamed the brightest.
That held the most hope
but rolled away from our present
and I think of "the Gate",
the pearly one
and of loss and grief
and hope and eternity.
And a chance to shake off the cloak of grief
to embrace a new reality
where every smallest pearl that seemed lost
greets us at the door
and we know joy
and forget the sadness
for we can see
the whole of His creation
from A to Z.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day #10, Couplets, only 355 more days to go...

Okay so a "Couplet" is not  a type of poem but rather an element in one, still worth exploring. Probably gonna go cheesy though as it rhymes... PS www.rhymezone.com rocks when you need some help rhyming!

Definition of Couplet Poetry Type and Term
A Couplets is a Stanza of only two lines which usually rhyme. Shakespearean (also called Elizabethan and English) sonnets usually end in a couplet and are a pair of lines that are the same length and usually rhyme and form a complete thought. William Shakespeare makes use of couplets in more complex rhyme schemes. Think The Night Before Christmas!

Dream or Memory?
I dream some things I wish I wouldn't
thinking things I know I shouldn't

Waking up, I try not to remember
but every dream is a burning ember

singing my day with a vivd mark
every memory seeming so stark

not white or black but technicolor
and real life seems much, much duller

because every night I lay down my head
praying even, that nothing is said

that will haunt me or taunt me or plague my day
these dreams I call memories, why must they stay?

if you don't know me I dream all the time and it is worse lately. We think it may have something to do with the heart valve. I just don't get the kind of sleep I should but I can wake up in the morning and write for 30 minutes on the things I dream and some of it just isn't that pleasant. On the other hand some of it is stinking hilarious...


Friday, August 27, 2010

Day #9, Conceit

Conceit Poetry Type
Conceit Poetry Type is where an image or metaphor likens one thing to something else that is seemingly very different. Poets often use a far-fetched simile or metaphor in this style. An example of a conceit can be found in Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?".

Didn't I already do this, it seems awful similar to analogy?!

Oh the bother of it! These slinky little maggots called bills.
They creep in from the furthest corners, breed
indeed they are pestilent! 
and I am powerless to the printed ink that states
You OWE, you owe...
Do I? Did I buy that? Viral they are.
Once you've been slapped with one
they all start coming in. One fly lays a million eggs
a million squirmy disgusting progeny
all bent on taking as much as they possibly can.

It's bill day if you couldn't tell :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day #8, Free Verse, because I wanna!

Definition of Free Verse
Free Verse is a form of Poetry composed of either rhymed or unrhymed lines that have no set fixed metrical pattern. The early 20th-century poets were the first to write what they called "free verse" which allowed them to break from the formula and rigidity of traditional poetry. The poetry of Walt Whitman provides many illustrations of Free Verse including his poem "Song of Myself".

Magic Made Here
There is magic made here and
I forget too soon
that I have left no room
for it. My mind has filled
to overflow with worries
and silly things and 
so I build these towers 
but do not see.

He takes a train and counts them out
One. Two. Three. Four.
His plump little hand slowly rolls the cars
carefully through each giant tunnel
I see the excitement in his smile
So slow, so reverent.
So absolutely two, so absolutely right.
There is magic here.

The trains race through these giant tunnels
so tall and the wandering ant
has everything at a standstill
because the engine is afraid
and Charlie grins, Uh Oh!
Whoo whoo and he giggles and the frightened train 
slowly begins again and continues through
always looking behind for the feared ant
and suddenly I feel the surge of it,
the way my stomach lurches when we 
go under the tunnel because it is so tall
but not so sturdy and any moment it could fall
and like falls smokey air wafting in the wind
the tingle of  danger, of adventure and magic find me.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day #7, Cinquain poem and a recipe!

Cinquain Poetry Type and Term
Cinquain Poetry Type has five lines.
Line 1 is one word (the title)
Line 2 is two words that describe the title.
Line 3 is three words that tell the action

Line 4 is four words that express the feeling
Line 5 is one word that recalls the title

heaven's dust
swirling, floating, coating
hope flavored by past

I had a moment today making cinnamon toast, I just love the stuff and if you ever google cinnamon images, let me tell you... you will be hungry for the rest of the day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day #6, Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem 
Carpe diem is a Latin expression that means "seize the day." Carpe diem poems have the theme of living for today. 

Birthday Girl
It's party time and everyone
has brought a gift to me.
My children bring their smiles
and laughter, wrapped and ready, spilling from the box.
My husband has displayed his comfort
and warm presence in a picture frame.
My family and friends bring joy,
debate, help and assurance
with bright bows atop.
My Father brings eternity and peace
and rest it in his arms, cradling
His treasures.

I on the other hand wanted the perfect party dress...
and remain closed in the bedroom.
Gifts unopened.
Too saddened by my shoddy garb
to see and hear the revelry.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day #5, Cacophony!

okay, don't be afraid to try these or put one in that doesn't even apply to the style I tried... just want to hear your poems, please! :)
Cacophony is a technique which was used by the famous poet and author Lewis Carroll. Lewis Carroll makes use of cacophony in the poem 'Jabberwocky' by using an unpleasant spoken sound created by clashing consonants. The word cacophony originates from the Greek word meaning "bad sound". The term in poetry refers to the use of words that combine sharp, harsh, hissing, or unmelodious sounds.

The Momma Song
Momma Bop.
Bo momma, BO!
Tay momma, bo.
tuck momma, tuck
bo bo, bo bo
momma, momma

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day #4, Blank Verse

Blank Verse
Blank Verse is Poetry that is written in unrhymed iambic pentameter. Blank verse is often unobtrusive and the iambic pentameter form often resembles the rhythms of ordinary speech. William Shakespeare wrote most of his plays in blank verse.

Feet in the Stream
Feet dangle in a mountain stream
He laughs and jumps and the
water drops float like crystal in the air
the breeze smelled sweet, I was beguiled.
I almost kept walking and missed
this moment when his smile was pure
and his laugh unobscured by being too aware of self.
All we could feel was the cool silk of the water
and rounded river stones cobbled together by nature
and the occasional little boy, who rearranges
them for his amusement, while his mother sits and 
watches, adoring him and grateful to God who
took the time to mercifully share this sight with me.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day #3, Analogy

An Analogy is a likeness or similarity between things (a subject and an analog) that are otherwise unlike. Analogy is the comparison of two pairs which have the same relationship.

Life is a Car Pool Lane
move. stop.
move. stop.
move. stop.
Life is a car pool lane.
Good bye and hello.
Joy and ache.
Always moving.
Always stopping.
move. stop.
move. stop.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Allegorical Poem

An Allegory is a narrative having a second meaning beneath the surface one - a story with two meanings, a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning. 


We planted butterflies
some time ago
and watched them grow.
Tiny caterpillars slowly crawling
spinning silk
so they don't slip.

They amazed us for
a moment. And then bursting
from out of nowhere
was a butterfly
deep orange and
we watched.

One and then two, three and five
tiny butterflies.
Do we keep them in their cage or
let them fly?
We let them go
and watching them
we cried.

They flittered onto the dew and grass
and stood so still,
my eyes nervously roamed the sky.

But he took his time
fluttering through
the breeze
my heart squeezed.

Then they where gone
and there was nothing 
left to do
but take delight
in the bittersweet flight
of our butterfly.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ABC Poem

Definition of ABC poem
An ABC poem has a series of lines that create a mood, picture, or feeling. Lines are made up of words and phrases. The first word of line 1 begins with an A, the first word of line 2 begins with a B etc.

A rising sun is warning
Be ready for this day
Charlie will come storming
Down the hall and want me to
Follow all his orders
Get his breakfast
Hold him tight
I"ll do it all to order
Jumping at the chance to make that
Kid smile.

Poems about motherhood

Everyone else is doing it, 365 days of something... so I thought, I don't care if a bunch of people read it but how cool to challenge yourself and become better at something you want to be better at at the same time. So I've decided there is one thing I really "know" right now and that is being a mom and there is one thing I want to be better at and that is writing. But it needed to be more interesting. I really love poetry and I thought what if I walked through a year of motherhood and picked a poetic form everyday and wrote a poem (be it crappy or exquisite) about it... AND, what if some folks joined me in the comments. I won't be editing or belaboring this thing and I don't want you to either. We live life on the fly but it would be neat to write out my motherhood days in poetic form and I would love to see others do it with me every now and then. Come on, don't be afraid or worry about wether you are a writer. Just write, have a little fun and hopefully enjoy a blog experience that keeps it short and sweet but challenging :)