Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 99, what was the best part of your Thanksgiving?

Mine was the way it was so different from every other. We dressed up as pilgrims and indians, we ate a little less than most but still plenty and then when we came home we sat down and started a Christmas puzzle with Jack and that was just special. right now I am wondering and wandering through life because I am in a unique position to see things from slightly different angles. When you take art classes that is one of the first things you learn is to step back from the piece and look at it from a new angle, even turn it upside down. That would be the positive way to spin our circumstances right now, a new angle, a chance to see what we like and don't...

Ornamental Reasoning

The years hand me trinkets, 

small baubles of wisdom
to twirl up towards the sun.
Glimmers of light and warmth
crystal rainbows
burnt umber shadows
floating on the ground,
ornaments dangling from
thin velvet ribbons.

We decorate our thinking
with these ideas until one day one tumbles
from its branch, shattering fragile little
pieces of our understanding
underfoot, invisibly slicing through
the flesh of our reasoning

And this is when our truth is most
apparent. For the bauble that falls,
that cuts the skin either disappears
or sinks so far in that we've no
way to deny the verity of its mark.
A little piece of absolute
that glitters in the dark.

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