Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poems about motherhood

Everyone else is doing it, 365 days of something... so I thought, I don't care if a bunch of people read it but how cool to challenge yourself and become better at something you want to be better at at the same time. So I've decided there is one thing I really "know" right now and that is being a mom and there is one thing I want to be better at and that is writing. But it needed to be more interesting. I really love poetry and I thought what if I walked through a year of motherhood and picked a poetic form everyday and wrote a poem (be it crappy or exquisite) about it... AND, what if some folks joined me in the comments. I won't be editing or belaboring this thing and I don't want you to either. We live life on the fly but it would be neat to write out my motherhood days in poetic form and I would love to see others do it with me every now and then. Come on, don't be afraid or worry about wether you are a writer. Just write, have a little fun and hopefully enjoy a blog experience that keeps it short and sweet but challenging :)

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