Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 93, I don't wanna!

Here is your poem Eileen. Thanks for the opener :) When I read your line I instantly thought of all the stuff I don't want to do but then that made me think about how childish I get and how eager we all are to go without, disobey, just to have our freedom, just to do what we "want" for a minute. That led me to think about who is taking care of me and who I give a hard time to and why they don't give up on me.

I Don't Wanna

Finish your food
I don't wanna!
Clean your room
I don't wanna!
Go do your homework.
I don't wanna!

We sigh collectively,
perturbed at the resistance
of a little soul so ready
to be independent, so ready to 
make their own mistakes. 
They want us to let them go, but
We. Do. Not. Want. To.
We don't wanna!

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