Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 75, So challenge me

I'm pretty worn out right now and I am still enjoying the writing but not so fresh on ideas... SO... give me your idea, give me some perimeters to work with. A style of poem, the thought on your mind or your favorite TV show, Bible verse, I dunno but challenge me and I will tackle it! Right now I'm going to write about my lunch.

Lunchtime in the South

Southern cooking simmers
as the diners chatter on
smokey rings beneath their chins
on a grey day. Deep south
chuckles from a smokers lungs,
wooden walls too old and fish too hot.
The lull of friends and food marinate
my patience, lulling me into gratitude.


Sherri M said...

LOL.. This'll be fun!

NCIS - Haiku
Legalizing Marijuana - Sonnet
Voting - Ballad
Marriage - Imagery poem
Stress - Free style

Jen said...

I don't know about the ballad but I am all over the marijuana sonnet!! :)

Matthew 6:33-Kari said...

Legalizing marijuana...this should be interesting.