Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 77, an honest poem about forgetting

Okay Eileen, your turn on forgetful and please know this is not directed at you but rather myself. I had a conversation with a friend who wasn't afraid to be honest with me and she helped me see there is more I need to be doing, accepting. She helped me see that although I can tell you, "Yes, that is true, God says that." that I have also made the bad habit of disagreeing with his opinion... can I get any one to agree that they do this too? So here goes...

Remind Me to Forget

My addled head has many things
it would like to store
but one look inside, one glance through the door
and there is no room.

I have kept and held and coddled
the hurt, the worst of everything
and there is no space, no room to bring
inside the very things I need.

It takes a friend to remind me
that the reason I forget so much
is all of the remembering that I should give up.
The best way to remember is to have someone
remind you to forget.


Matthew 6:33-Kari said...

Not sure I understand what it is you're trying to say with regards to what your friend enlightened you to. Could you elaborate?

Jen said...

I'm far too tired to be clear head today but really it's about remembering who you are in Christ, not letting the negative messages and temptations all around take up so much space that we find ourselves forgetting the things we want to remember, like our worth, our restoration. It takes a good friend to remind you that you need to forget all of that, that you need to quit holding onto some of that... is that somewhat more clear?