Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 94, The Hubs is the poet today.

I'll start with my opening lines on Monday. For today I am going to give Sean the stage. He wrote me a poem for our anniversary that is today. He stepped outside of his comfort zone to do so, very, very sweet. (Like don't tell anybody but I teared up kind of sweet) I love you Sean! 


Twelve twelves
Six hundred and twenty four sevens
Long Saturdays embraces loosing ourselves in the other
The bright lights and rolling expressways far away
a sonogram a son into the world 
joy kindness cowboy boots baseball diamonds
armed with a glimmer in his eyes dark as coal 
wit and charm holding our hearts
a home 
moving home family 
our God
a cat
a fish a fish a fish 
a dog
joy joy joy joy
our hearts
birthday cakes Christmas trees and cookies
camping fishing catch the ball
friends friends friends friends 
kitchens caseroles pies
smiles laughs hugs tables
leaving going moving byes
our hearts
tears let go 
letting go
life death 
our hearts
three now four
a son to our world 
laughter cunning laughter lungs bo laughter ("bo" is not a typo it is what Charlie says all of the time!)
balls bats throw catch hit
hide hide hide hide
love love love love

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