Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 85, Little Orphan Annie I am not.

I first want to thank Deb (yes, this is sarcasm) for giving me such an easy topic :) I find Ridgecrest and the Women's Ministry Conference very hard to write about. Do I write about what I learned, what I saw, the pretty North Carolina hills and mountains... what do you say? I'm going to settle for a little honesty, a little soul searching. Sometimes you go somewhere prepared to encounter God and guess what, if He knows He is having company ahead of time, MAN! He makes His house sparkle, He makes you feel at home, He is an extremely good host. :) 

I'm using an allusion for this one... and well, it may be lame, but I think it gets the point across. Thank you Deb, for being Miss Grace :) and thank you Kasey and Phylis for being some good, Godly and fun company!

Daddy Warbucks

I'm a scruffy little red head
and He's Daddy Warbucks.
While he gives me a mansion
to live in I am most often seen
at the orphanage doing scruffy
little red headed things.

And the problem is rather simple.
I am Annie Warbucks.
He's changed my name.
It takes a tour of the mansion sometimes
to remind me that the only person who still
calls me Orphan Annie, the only person
that wants me back at that orphanage
is Miss Hannigan.

And Miss Hannigan knows
my worth so she cries,
"Orphan Annie, Orphan Annie,
how could He love
you? No one
wants you but me."

I wish I could tell you her lies
send me running to the mansion,
make me cry out my new name.
"I am Annie Warbucks!,"
I should scream
but I don't.

So Daddy Warbucks
sent Miss Grace to come
get me and bring me to the mansion
this week, on an airplane,
to the mountains, into His arms.

"It is so good to hold you Annie Warbucks,
my little red headed princess," he whispered tenderly.

And Annie Warbucks I am, indeed.

there is Daddy Warbucks and Miss Grace!

and then miss hannigan, yuck >:(

and the scruffy red head herself!

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