Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 72, Curse God and Die

Trying times get you to thinking and I've had some of those this year, this week :O. I've always thought Job's wife was cruel, unfeeling when she said that but then a bit of stress hits and I feel that breaking point and I get it. She wanted out, she lost how many children? how much suffering had she endured? how much had her husband suffered too? She was weary and weak and angry with God, maybe even her husband but I don't think she was cruel, I think she was scared and tired and didn't want to see more suffering, she was hurting, like so many other people. I go through some little thing and hit the breaking point and then I try to critique this woman? Really...

Curse God and Die
"Curse God and die,"she keened
rocking on her knees,
head bent down
she could not look him in the face.

"Curse God and die," she said
her heart puckered like a prune
barely beating
from the pain, barely beating.

"Curse God and die," she mumbled
eyes blurred and stinging
throat too dry
she could not face his God.

Foolish woman that she was
she would not see the good
soul too weary
so he did what she could not.

"Youth Mourning" (1916) by Sir George Clausen (1852-1944)

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