Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 49, a Before and After

So this is why I started a poetry blog. It's so that I don't bore you to tears with more words. This little cemetery has been on my heart for a while. I had all this stuff it made me ponder on and so this is my poem about it. Go one entry back from earlier today and you will see how, though well meaning, I would have totally bored the pants off of you. Less is more sometimes, even if this isn't a great poem it says just about the same thing as the much, much longer entry from earlier today and who really needs to actually hear everything I am thinking? I like the little question marks left by a poem, the mystery of it. I know I am a geek btw...

The Garden Rows

This is where a garden grows
seed of hopes, placed down the row
Each wish spilled waters well,
the earth that blankets
and clothes the swell
of emptiness, not to be filled,
of joy so lost it's bloom reveals
a moment where a mother's eyes
spent their tears and now baptize
each and every paid respect
with a gratefulness that
brings me to reflect
on the purpose and the God
who purchased every seed,
who gave the ground and trowel
to a mother who could see
the bloom of something living,
that death is fallacy.

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fiddlin.momma said...

Moved to tears with this one.