Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 64, this is what happens when...

you try to write a poem with a migraine...


So I'm pulling out one I wrote only heaven knows how long ago... a little poem for a girl's night we did once (maybe 6 years ago!) yikes! Every girl needs to feel special and adored and some of us just don't sometimes, it's important to remember there is always a man in our life who does adore us, so, so very much...

 It needs work but I ain't entering this in a contest so no critiquing and no proof reading :P, my head hurts :(


I am her father.
I am a King.
She is my Princess.
I see her day and night suffering.
She has all she needs in my kingdom.
Yet she runs away day after day,
chasing the things I've placed at her very feet.

She wants adoration.
I adore her.
She wants love.
I love her.
She wants beauty.
I've created it.
She wants peace.
I am the keeper of it.
She wants joy.
I am joy.
She wants forgiveness.
I have forgiven her.

Still she runs.
She doubts what I have
proven over and over again,
and she will continue to.

She is afraid my light
will show her imperfections.
She forgets that I am blind to them.
She is terrified to face her past.
She forgets that I only care for today.
She is consumed with worry over tomorrow.
She has forgotten that I will meet her every need.

Princess, how I wish you would turn
your face from the shadows.

Look at me and my kingdom.
I know you want to.
You know it is here, I have placed
these desires in your heart for eternity.
You are afraid of your own sin.
But I have promised
when you face me I will see it no more.

She is my Princess.
I want her in my kingdom desperately.

Turn to me. I will never disappoint you.
I will never hurt you.I will never forget you.
I will never stop loving you.
I will never stop believing in you
even when you have stopped
believing in me.

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Amy said...

This will always be one of my faves