Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 53 of 365 and a Sunday nap

So I'm going to wax poetic about a Sunday nap, not one of those peaceful, restful ones but the kind where you wake up with drool on your cheek and say mean things to your children when they try to wake you up.

A Sunday Nap

Sleep, Sleep,
don't run away
I've been chasing you
this entire day
and here we are
me and the couch
I want you sleep
but I'm no slouch
I kept the babies,
I brought breakfast,
I passed out water
and I wore lipstick
I smiled when the
toddler screamed in the park
I calmly scolded his little heart.
Now I am so tired
my feet hurt and I
am quite sure if I do not rest
my body will protest
and my inner beauty
will fade to beast
Nap, you are mine!
My Sunday priest.

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