Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 47, Do you know what my favorite fruit is?

Our senses...

Pick your favorite fruit or vegetable. We will go through all 5 sense this week and see if we can't combine it by Fri into one sequential poem. This is free verse and rough so just let the descriptive words fly and then tie them up neatly Fri. I'm doing sight today.

The Kiwi

the only food that reminds me of a hamster
it does not look tasty
fuzzy, chestnut brown, buxom, rotund
but when opened up
bright, glowing, glistening green
shiny black seeds
exterior and interior clashing
and complementing at the same time


Jenn Johnston said...

Dear mushroom, alas
you are not much to look at.
A sprawling fungus umbrella,
Sqatting stool for a fledgling toad
Plain in your muted brownness,
you are the original taupe.
Yet to me you are a precious
gift of the earth, shabby chic,
Sprouting happily wherever you please.

Jen said...

love the shabby chic bit :)