Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 56 and why my life is cacophony

I was thinking of trying cacophony today and realized life IS cacophony, just a bunch of mismatched sounds and it's kinda up to you to pick out the notes you most enjoy...

The Silence of Joy

I forgot to hear it
the preciousness,
the joy of life living
round me whether I 
command it to or not.

I was too busy noticing the neighbor's chainsaw
the dog barking at the chainsaw
and the dryer that I was surprised to hear 
over the chainsaw
Oh and the catchy
intro song to Jack's
favorite show wanted to be heard too.

I was trying to write a poem
and all I could think was impolite phrases, 
because i wanted quiet
because it would please me and help me think,
because all I was thinking of right then was me.
And with all the noise I forgot
just how boring that can be.

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