Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 67, When in doubt.

Don't write what you are really thinking :) Major plumping problems at the Gregory home, which really stinks, really! So tonight I am WORE OUT, can anyone relate, is there anyone that can't? Back to my plumbing, it has me in a bit of a mood, an aggrivated mood so I thought I would talk about good things that together aggrivate me... a complaint poem of sorts.

The Complaint Poem
Fall and heat.
Humidity and Halloween costumes
Wind, long hair and great lipgloss. 
Toilets and toddlers.
Bedtime and laundry.
Horomones and men.
Facebook and productivity.
Facebook and privacy.
Friends and Alabama.
Soccer and mosquitos.
Target and frugality.
Clothes shopping and good self esteem.

Car pool line and effeciency.
Football games and weather alerts.
Fall and heat...

so what are yours? Tell me!

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