Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 57 straight out of 2 Samuel 7

Maybe the coolest passage in the Bible to me, and what I most relate to in this is that my childhood home was cedar, completely cedar. My bedroom walls where cedar so I think I can imagine something of David's home life. Since I didn't know houses weren't normally cedar it seemed a palace to me.

Cedar Palace

A homeless Lord
says to a grateful
king in a cedar palace
"I will bless you
and those after you"
and the grateful king
is ever more grateful,
ever more aware that
God's love surrounds
him inside these cedar walls.

The musky smells of
the orange wood surrounds
him with peace and safety.
The prickly surface
of the wood as his hand
rest on the wall
reminds him that life
is not without it's splinters
not without its interruptions
that some of those are blessings
and some of those are consequences
but it all leaves the tips of your fingertips
with the memory, with the warning.

So the king bows to his God,
bows in his palace
of amber glow and wood cut smells
because God sleeps on the street
because his God needs no walls
his God needs no covering.
His God needs no cedar palace.
The ruler is humbly
aware that he does need this home
he understands his weakness
he understands his blessings
he understands his God, 
his Fortress
will not fail him.

not the photo I wanted but it shows the glow, the orange-y surreal glow you live in,
it makes you calm, it makes you crazy sometimes too. :)

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