Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 135, My New Year's resolution

I really don't DO resolutions but then again, I sort of do... blessings to whoever is reading this, there is one wild little life to live, may it be lived well this year!

Eleven Resolutions for Twenty-Eleven

First, I won't make so many assumptions
I won't assume I'm ready for anything
I'll know I can't be.
I won't pretend to be more than I am.
I will not be afraid to fail.
I won't be afraid to be awesome.
I'll know I'm not really awesome.
I'll fight to be heard
but hopefully, I won't be heard fighting.
I'll love people better by giving better love.
I will let my mess be my message.


Anonymous said...

Love this. Your so wise! I admire your tenacity and long suffering to take on such an elaborate goal. I'm proud of you, Sweetie ; )


Stacy said...

You always lift my spirits and quicken my heart to the goals I SHOULD be striving to achieve, Jen. Ty for reminding me so gently.

~Stacy S. :)