Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 161, priest

If your reading the 3 chapters a day you will have read this part today. I was reading the description of Aaron's robe and it just struck me how often we would rather go through thte ritual, wear the fancy robe, anything but stand free in front of the grace of Christ, anything but admit we believe we are free from the need of sacrifice.

The Priest

It's the wearing of the robe
the royal purple hue
the glitter of the gems
the hefty weight of value

We wear this priestly garb
minister to our Lord
and sadly watch over the alter
ready for the sacrifice
bracing for the blood
the heavy weight of stone
of tribes and nations
on shoulders overburdened

that's what our worship
can wrongfully become
and He hears the bells hemming
the bottom of the robe, the tinkling
sound of our audacity
a priest where a priest should not be

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