Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 152, Blessed Brokeness

Thanks for the idea Rodney :) Odd that a blog I follow would have the link at the bottom of this post today. Kelle Hampton does such an amazing job being honest and proactive for her little girl with DS.

Blessed Brokeness

Brokeness is not a
sudden stabbing pain
but a smashing, a wave
crashing into your understanding.

It's the sharpest shards
that wound us easiest, that
beg the most attention after
but it's the sea glass smoothness
from the smallest pieces that we
look at a little later with awe.
Like jewels they tumble into our hands
colorful and worthy.

These glass sentiments
are no longer breakable
no longer vulnerable
but a soft and gentle
remembrance of a moment
when everything seemed shattered
when the outline of our lives
crumbled enough for us to see
the vibrant color, the persistent
smoothing that claims the best of us
the unseen beauty trapped in a vase
of our thoughtless thinking.

The blessings from our brokeness
leaving the gentlest sound of crashing
glass and the memory of mercy.


deb said...

I need a new vocabulary of words to describe how your writing inspires me, touches my heart, and puts me in awe of the creative gift has invested in you!!!

Jen said...

And I need new ways to say thank you :) gracias Bella!