Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 157, It's potty training time

Thanks Tara! I thought you loved me better than this :) Imagine that, it's one of my longest poems LOL!

A Tinkle in Time

It's just a tinkle in time
a little moment of victory
a glorious hope, a glimmering
future where white china bowls
sparkle and flush amidst toddler joy.

It's just a tinkle in time though
they do it once and we dream
of life diaper free until wet pants
bring us down to reality and sticker
charts are posted in a vain attempt
to motivate but it's all just a wee too
soon, you won't whiz through this.

So we sit remembering the one,
the first bright moment,
that tinkle in time
where the world was right
and we buy our pull ups, those
diaper pants that delude us
and we coax and coo at our little
ones who seemed to go with the
flow yesterday but not today.

Just a tinkle in time, just a
moment to remind us that we
have no control when it comes
to the white throne, it's all up
to the prince and princeses to
make up their minds, to find that
magic once again. When every day
is filled with joyfully empty diapers,
all is dry and well, a tinkle in time
indeed, that potty is our wishing well!

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