Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 134, ignorant things we say...

Here was my facebook post January 1, 2010...

"2009 was a "vitamin" year, fortifying and good for me but I never really liked the taste of it... here is to 2010 and at the very least a "Flintstone vitamin" year!

let's just say I should have seen 2010 coming... It was no Flintstone vitamin!  Why do we take our vitamins? To get stronger of course, to protect ourselves from bad stuff.

I will not be saying anything ignorant about 2011. What I can say is that 2010 was that disgusting thing on a french menu that you would have never eaten, but you had to, and it wasn't as bad as you thought. You'd NEVER order it but it wasn't as horrible as all that. We have had more blessings than challenges but oh boy what a ride! So here is my poem about 2010. Godd riddance and thanks for the ride :)


Do you remember the row
about your name?
Two thousand and ten.
Twenty Ten.
your even numbered possibilities
lured me right to the hook
a decade ended and begun
I bought it, hook. line.
and sinker.

We didn't even make it a week
did we? One doctors appointment
after another, fear, fear, fear.
But Dr. Good Guy
with the turban kept it under wraps
and we will wait on that, thank you!

And we won't talk about the house
or the sewer. I'm not going there with
you. Needless to say I'm at the tail end of
you Twenty-Ten. You won't be missed.
I will not long for you. You're like the teacher
I had junior year in high school.
good gravy what a cruel thing she could be
but I learned so much, I grew so much,
and that is me and you Ten. Good to go.

And go you must, but please spread the word
to Eleven or whatever the heck we're going to
call your odd little friend... I'm all shook up,
ready baked, whipped and whooped.
Thanks for nothing and thanks for everything
2010, Happy New Year!

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