Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 153, the taste of temptation

The Taste of Temptation
We hold golden goblets,

drink from the king's table
the finest wine. An ever
empty cup sits waiting
to be filled.

It's the twenty four karats
glimmering, dancing in the
candlelight, bright amber
and dark undulating, blurring
the lines.

The blood red wine
looks so alive,
so semptuous in it's
golden bath that our
lips crave only
the bittersweet taste
of its temptation

The golden dance
of spilling brim
and drought play master
to our pallete. Want, want.
Wanting more and more
until we are drunk on our
own desire to see an empty
cup be filled. Our enemies
willing servants to our desires.


rodney said...

Another great post, Jennifer. Funny, the song that loaded with the poem was "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Madonna. Another Eve influence?

Jen said...

Most certainly :)