Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 151, honest truth

Ever thought about the phrase "honest truth". Not really all that appealing. Can you imagine if you gave the honest truth to your kids... the dishonest truth sounds like this, "Mommy and Daddy need time alone, that's why we where in the bedroom with the door shut"... or you could give the kid the "honest truth" and traumatize him for life

The "dishonest truth", Thank you for applying but with all of the other applicants it was a tough decision, verses the "honest truth", You where over qualified and the boss thought the 25 year old was hot.

Honestly, Truthfully

It's an honest mistake
the truth. Truthfully,
I didn't mean to be so
honest. I honestly
didn't think you
would hear that.
Yes, it's true what
I said but it honest to goodness
isn't what I meant.
If I'm really honest
I don't like to hear
the truth, but I'd rather
hear you lie and tell the truth
than hear the honest truth,
truly, truly, this is the truest truth.
An honest truth is a ruthless rouse.

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