Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 159, Pain is painful

So a friend inspired this one. We've met maybe a handful of times and she bothers to get on here and encourage me and I appreciate that, I need that! So this is for you friend, feel better soon!  I should add that part of this poem is inspired by another friend's idea, I just put it to verse.


Where does it hurt the most
where do you agonize
is it back or heart
body or mind
what pill will cure this pain
and will it return again?

Is it botheration or ruin
is it torture or discomfort
Where does it hurt the most?
and why try to quantify the buzzing
by of interuption and defeat

is it head or foot
is it eyes that look too far away
words that stab or a dull
incessant throbbing?
where does it hurt the most
what pill will cure this pain?

where is the Lord when I need Him
when will He see me again
do I stop and cry out,
scream at the injustice of an agony
overlooked, where is the Lord when
I need Him? Where is He when I hurt?

He's the gentle voice of friend and nurse
the easing found in a pill of course
the joy you find when the pain's
overwhelmed by children's laughter
the hand of a friend gently placed
on crying shoulders

He's the still small voice crying out
turn to me, have no doubt
I am God enough for even this
sweet soul, your pain is my most tender
gift, given in all authority, it will not waste
when returned to me.

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