Friday, September 10, 2010

Day #23, Imagery, How I met my puppy.

Definition of Imagery Poems

Imagery Poems draw the reader into poetic experiences by touching on the images and
senses which the reader already knows. The use of images in this type of poetry serves to intensify the impact of the work.

So my first question to myself is, didn't I do this yesterday? But oh well, we'll try again! and besides even our puppy deserves a little poem,

How They Met

Among the smell of dust and urine was a a bleachy
fresh smell that burned your nose hairs off.
We sat on a wooden park bench sitting
on dirt streaked linoleum
and we waited for her.

Some young boy let her in
She was prettier in person
gentle, unassuming
and she ran up to the bench, jumped on top
doing her best to lick both boys clean
with her flappy tongue.

Her soft whiteness rubbed each of our cheeks
and my boys hardly had cheeks to see for their smiles.
She nuzzled and leaped and licked,
whimpering, "Get ,me out of here."
We saw his face and knew she would come home with us.

She lay in the sun in Sean's lap
and it was such a dream. We talked for an hour
trying to name her until we got home and let her out.
Then the little booger ran away, I chased her, yelled at her.
We were home, she was home, so I placed her in the yard
and she ran around leaping like a gazelle
and that is how we met Skipper.

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