Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day #32, Refrain, Secret Keeper

Definition of Refrain Poetry Term
The word 'Refrain' derives from the Old French word refraindre meaning to repeat. Refrain Poetry Term is a phrase, line, or group of lines that is repeated throughout a poem, usually after each stanza. A famous example of a refrain are the words " Nothing More" and “Nevermore” which are repeated in “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.

Not even reading over this one, come back tomorrow and I'll try to get a better one out there...

Secret Keeper

says the night
don't let 
a single soul hear
whisper them to me

says the night,
lest someone
discover your sorrows
whisper them to me

hush the worries
that consume your day
just whisper them to me

says the night
don't you see
your secret has a home
Just whisper them to me.


Jen Johnston said...

I like the Secret Keeper as is!
So.. here's my little refrain, off the cuff:

Lord, you’ve never left me
Even when I left you
When I didn’t deserve your help
And you gave it anyway.
When I couldn’t even love myself
You loved me more
You loved me more

When I was lost
And didn’t know it
Alone in a dangerous place
Well I didn’t deserve to be saved
But you saved me anyway.
Though my sins were like the stars,
You loved me more
You loved me more

Now when I look down at those eyes
Smiling up at me, my child
I know he’ll never have to earn my love
I’ll just love him anyway.
Yet as deep as this love runs,
You love me more
You love me more

And I can imagine your own Son
The precious Prince of heaven.
I know you didn’t have to give him up
But you gave Him anyway.
It must have hurt so much
To give that gift, I know
But you loved me more
You loved me more.

Jen said...

This could easily be a song! I like it a lot.