Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 37, Healing


There is a girl,
no, a mother,
no, a friend,
no, a wife,
no, a daughter...

a saint, we will say,
that is suffering
and I know the Lord
loves us all the same
but I am not her equal
here, not now, she is
salt and light, and that
is why we pray.

That is why
we cry to God on her
behalf, because we want
to see His kindness
wrapped up in her
healing, we want to see
His mercies revealed
in her smile.

Lord, if ever we needed
a daughter of yours here,
with us, it is this one,
this sweetest one,
this truest one,
this dearest one.

You say we can
move mountains,
you say ask and you
shall receive, just the
faith of the mustard seed...

I believe you.


Anonymous said...

Oh.My.goodness. GIRL, I love this

Jen said...

Thnx kasey :)