Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day #15, Enjambment and I'm cheating

Definition of Enjambment
The word Enjambment comes from the French word for "to straddle". Enjambment is the 
continuation of a sentence form one line or couplet into the next. An example by Joyce Kilmer 1886–1918 in his poem "Trees" is:

 I think that I shall never see A poem as lovely as a tree

Cheating here as this is a poem I already wrote and I'll quit posting sad ones after this. I'm using it because in its first draft my professor said I used a nice enjambment (in green)... (shrug) :)

Chartreuse Flip Flops
They where out greeting eternity
while we stayed in to grieve.

One smiling photo after another
but I kept looking
at the chartreuse flip flops,
do they smell,
if one could ever
throw them away.

Footprints sat light
on the slender foam,
dirt and sweat
forming the outlines
of a soul.

and I heard their flip flop sound
coming across the wide tile floors.
flip flops
running to say hi mom,
to get the keys to the car,
and giggling.

And I have trouble believing
it won't be so.

And so they sit,
chartreuse flip flops,
working like kryptonite
on my soul, sucking
the strength from my beliefs.

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