Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day #22, Idyll Poem

Idyll Poetry Types
Idyll Poetry Types are either short poems depicting a peaceful, idealized country scene, or long poems that tell a story about ancient heroes. The word is derived from  the Greek word 'eidyllion' meaning "little picture".  Also spelled Idyl.

If I doubted it before I started, this is SO helping me with my thoughts, though I feel sorry for the poor readers who have to witness this strange experiment. THIS. IS. HARD.

Looking Into the Valley.

The pasture before me
is green, polka dotted by wild flowers
and a crisp minty wind
runs its hands over the tops
causing a sea of waves to billow in and out.

The air is so clear it gives a crystal shine to the sun
that spreads slowly like a broken yolk,  a buttery gold gloss
laying lazily on top of the trees.
On the edges of my sight I see giant green hills
and luscious dark bark curled like chocolate
around every trunk. The ground gives
like a giant mattress underneath my steps. 
Every progressing stride hums with the sounds of
moist earth, the crunch of moss and twigs crumbling. 
It sounds like shredded wheat.

The mint in the air and the must of the ground combine
and my nose tingles from the vapor. Life and death
swarm underneath my toes. "Ready? Ready. Go!,"
it cries. The cool breeze that slides between the branches
works on me like a mother's embrace and everything feels
much better, so much better here. 

And peace tumbles down my skin like 
a warm shower and I am ready for 
this evergreen of change. 
This July and December living.
I smile and whisper, "I am ready too."

"No hurry. No hurry.", it gently replies.

Dakota Tonalism Series: Opus 52 - Horus Dolce

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Sherri M said...

I like this one. I'll be working on one of these. :)