Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 31, One-Colored Rainbow

There isn't a type of poetry this apples to though it certainly meets standars for quatrain stanzas I suppose... maybe... maybe not. Musicians call it "jamming" when they just fly from the hip. So let's call this a "Poetic Jam" :)
A One-Colored Rainbow
she's a one-colored rainbow
all you see is hues
of bluest blue and darkest night
a periwinkle passion
twinkling in the night

she's a one colored rainbow
sparkling, crystal bright
hard to see but when you do
your eyes are given sight

splendid little rainbow
you're preferable to gray,
I'll take the hues of your sullen blues
and never wish them away


Jen Johnston said...

AWESOME. I call this stream of conciousness poetry, and its one of my favorite kinds! I love your example.. gorgeous imagery and rhyme too. I’m not good at the rhyming thing like you are. Wrote this one for my hubby..

fumble-- twitch-lip
lover sleeping sideways
at my side
dream my angel
dream while you may
before the world steals you away
stop this moment
while you’re mine
sweet as your slumber
your touch, your smile
mine for this moment
unspoiled moment, you are
something so perfect
something so right
sweet baby carrots
sweet apple wine

Jen said...

love this Jen J!