Monday, September 6, 2010

Day #19, in honor of the in-laws, over 40 years!

Definition of Epithalamium Form
The term Epithalamium derives from the Greek word 'epi' meaning 'upon' and 'thalamium' meaning 'nuptial chamber'. An Epithalamium (or Epithalamion) is a wedding poem written in honour of a bride and bridegroom. The best example of Epithalamium in Greek literature is the 18th Idyll of Theocritus, which is a literary work that celebrates the marriage of Menelaus and Helen in Ancient Greece. The famous work "Epithalamium" was written by Edmund Spenser in honor of his marriage in 1594.

In honor of Joe and Judy Gregory, my in-laws who have done the doing well and honestly.

The Doing.

"I do.", smiled he
"I will.", she breathed
and nose to nose
they seemed to see
a future bright
and starlit too.
A future where
their love just grew.

"I did.", He groaned.
"I will.", she sighed.
They did and didn't
while years flew by.

But their children look
after forty years
and only understand.
Mother did and father did,
it seemed they where just one.
Lost where all the sighs and groans
Their doing so well done.

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