Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day #28, There isn't a "frustrated with life" poetry form is there?

We'll skip the formatting and let me just try to put my thoughts into prose. And for my more thoughtful friends, don't try to read theology or lack of it into this, I'm well aware of the ironies here.

Ode to Life

Dear Life,
I'd tell you to
"bring it on"
but dang it if you 
wouldn't do just that.

And I don't like
what you bring 
"on" some days.

I'd tell you to
make me younger,
a redo please.
But you would
laugh at me
because when
I'm eighty one,
I'll think forty one
was young.

Forty pounds is all 
perspective, I suppose 
you would want to 
point that out too.

And I would tell
you to quit it, 
spare me the 

Make my kids obedient
and give my husband
matter of fact,
make him think 
just like me,
so long as he
doesn't act 
like me.

Life, you've had
your good times
but I resent 
your wicked,
tacky sense 
of humor.

You think you are
a clever genius,
I think you are
a mad scientist.

Who lets two people
fall in love when they
can't agree on paint colors?
Who does that?

And who, WHO
made a kids cheeks
so round and 
his behind so stinky 
at the same time?

And what is up with
credit cards and

Good grief, you
make me tired
and here is what 
drives me bananas,
I can't hate you.

I want you more
than almost anything.

I want to wake up
to you, Life, and 
breath the air,
hug my kids,
kiss my husband,
see just one more

Quit dangling
yourself in front of me.
I love you.
I love you not.
I love you.
I love you not.

So be it...
I love you.
But don't get smug.
It's unbecoming.


fiddlin.momma said...

Love love love it!

Jen said...

You inspired it! Not loving our likenesses so much :(

Amy said...

Seriously - can we get this submitted somewhere? You are so stinking talented!! :)

Jen said...

Thnx Amy! I'm honest enough to admit I need to hear that :) still, I think the phrase "stinky bottoms" will keep it out of the publishing world :)