Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 40, a "Taboo" poem

I am making up my own poetry challenge... Describe your favorite color without actually using the word. See if I can guess it and since a few of you know mine I'm picking a random color and describing it to see if you will guess it.

sunny warm 
or chilly cold
lemon fresh 
or faintly old
weathered glass panes, fresh new sheets
new shoots of green beneath your feet
musky earth meets the water
toes dip in, you sink farther
heat and light
a cool delight
lemonade smiles,
never night.


fiddlin.momma said...

So I like these ideas and words but I think I strung them together clunkily... But my time is up for today :)

Radiant regal resplendent beauty

Cryptic when deep as a plum
Hiding a juicy secret beneath that tight skin
Flirty and fresh, a harbinger of change
Where the sunrise melts the night sky

I feted each new life with nurseries jewel-draped 
One misty and amythest, the next playful and bold
How could I know how clearly 
Those choices would mirror these gems?

My mysterious boy, too much breadth and depth
To be handed a single drenched grape
He infuses each moment with intense introspection
Too much of one thing's more than he can bear.

My playful little girl, bold and fearless
Embracing life's fullness with joyful abandon
She merited the strong contrasts and dense saturation
Against settings of rich midnight and diamond-white

Yes, every princess wraps robes in its glory 'round gentle-strong shoulders

Jen said...

purple? right! I like the poem very much and very true :) miss you guys.

Jenn Johnston said...

Loved fiddlinmama’s poem so much! Can’t compete with that, but here goes..

Deep as the Adriatic
On a far-away Grecian shore
The color of a night sky
Not yet ebony
With hints of seagrass beneath

Or shallow and transluscent,
blanketing a warm coral reef
Where I long to dive
Somewhere at a slower Caribbean pace

My favorite shirt
and my eyes when I wear it
A smoky gem the catalog said
Who knows the name this season
for that hue of indigo dreams

It is my happy place
my Mediterranean escape
like the walls of this room
where I hide from the world
soaking in my private pool
of familiar muted azure--
a mirror for my quiet cerulean soul