Friday, June 10, 2011

The Springhill Rodeo

Babies on hips
Dusty boots
The chatter louder than the lowing
Gravel churning under tires
Antsy hooves padding
The rust red floor
The rough warmth of concrete
Grown men, half cowboy
Half weary
Stand clustered behind
The concession stand
Barritone laughter and cigarette smoke
Waft a safe distance
From their mamma's
And their wives who are busy
Balancing idle
Conversation with
Busy searching
Eyes chasing wandering
Mutton busters
Who reach through
The rails trying to
Grab a steer's tail

Somewhere in the background
Garth Brooks croons
Over the pleasant static
Of arena speakers

The sparkly shirt girl
Rides out suddenly
Her silver horse galloping
Next to a giant waving flag
An announcers voice buttered
With coffee and cigarette smoke
Solemnly ask the crowd to stand
Straw hats rest on chest
From this non chalant stance erupts
A civic pride
A sort of dandelion seed
That floats on the wind
With every breath
Of the little town'sliving.

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