Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 313, to my own co dependent heart

Why won't that flower bloom Lord?
I've coddled and kissed it's tender bud
And nothing, nothing if ever it was
you've caused me to love it
I resent that love because
I expect things I love to bloom
There, and that's the truth
I've coddled my love and want to
Produce a blossom by my own efforts
By my unholy will

Here's the spade and the hoe
And my tiny trowel.
I'm no gardener, but another flower.
Set to bloom but more satisfied
To Spend my energies discontent.

Let me bloom, Lord let me bloom!
And maybe then that bud will see
All the beautiful things you
Can grow out of me.
Maybe then that bud will bloom.

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