Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 302, my original title was the punch line of the joke, too dirty!

The Birth of a Little Thug

I told a dirty joke
when I was seven
to my kindergarten cousin
her mamma
called my mamma
and then I was the
little girl who told
a dirty joke

I got in trouble.
No doubt they
were concerned,
almost like the day
I asked my momma
if the "F" word was
a bad word. 

I had no clue
what bad was but
I liked the taste of it.
I savored the flavor of
shocked faces and the
smug pride of being

That's how little
thugs are born
except I never was one.
Too chicken I suppose.
I won't act high and mighty
because like I said
I kind of liked the taste.

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