Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 303, home-ish

Somewhere between
Some years ago and today
Many things have changed
Change that fits in my pocket
And jangles around
Change. Saved up it
Adds up to some amount
It's value summed up
By how much of it you can spend

But step a Ginger foot
On some forgotten path
And it feels like some sort
Of magnetized wishing well

All of the change seems to zing
Around, come alive
Shift some part of you

Somewhere between these many moons
You find yourself staring
At the same thing
So very different
So very distant

Yet, you toss a palm
Full of jingling
Coins of memory
Up in the air and make
Your wish

Some sort of odd gratitude for the old and the new
A simultaneous contradiction
Of old and new selves
Two beings who never agree
Where home is.

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