Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 306, if I'm quieter it's all right

Lips in a lazy pout
A lolligagging bout
Of determined brooding
Maybe I'm depressed.

Scratch that.
My optimistic heft
Always wins that match
Doesn't it?

Sure it does. It slathers
On denial like sunscreen
Lest the bright, scorching truth
Redden my tendered skin.

My very favorite part
Of the show is looking
You in the eye, practicing
My most convincing smile
Both of us clueless as to why

I might be depressed
But depression requires commitment
Perserverance, a sort of
Sorrowed stamina I can't stand

I'm far too lazy to
Be successful at sorrow
Today I had the blues
But I'll be fine tomorrow!

1 comment:

whimzie said...

I like this one. And I totally get it. I've certainly felt sometimes like the maintenance of staying depressed would take more energy than it would to just cheer up.