Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 306, because God made me that way

What God doesn't do is snuff
Out that little lantern glow behind
Your eyes. I don't believe He owns one
Single silver snuffer in all of heaven

I bet when Eve began
She had the most luminous
Wonderful eyes
Eyes like pearly black stars
Twinkling, I bet Adam noticed them first

But the pity is the serpents words
Took the oxygen from the flame
Made it small and weak
A dim and distant glitter
A fraudulent light
And then Eve took a bite
No reflection, no glimmer
Dancing on the apples taught red skin
Just a juice stained chin

Then Adam saw into her eyes a dim and grim forever night
And knew that he was
Not as God made him
So they covered up
All that night waiting
Waiting for the light

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