Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 294, the newborn

Welcome to the world Drew Steven Clutter!!!!

He flails his little paws
Jerky little arms move
Like Mohammed Ali in deep sleep
A little piece of wonderment
Takes a breath and does not
Like the feel of it
Screaming though, feels righteously good
So he does scream
And flail because they will not
Leave him alone, these strange hands
Poke, prod and this newborn
Knows he was happier in than out
His first buyers remorse.
Until finally
They swaddle him in stiff cotton
They lay him down
Gentler arms cradle him
He can breath and it
Doesnt burn, voices quiet down
Muffled coos replace
Gaudy speech, he closes his
Dove grey eyes, he opens
His dove grey eyes
Then he hears sounds he knows
Familiar voices
He feels warm breaths and soft flesh
This bright, noisy world
Just might be home
So he sleeps
And he suckles
And one day soon he will smile
He is a tiny lord
Ruler over hearts
Prince of their

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