Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day #6, Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem 
Carpe diem is a Latin expression that means "seize the day." Carpe diem poems have the theme of living for today. 

Birthday Girl
It's party time and everyone
has brought a gift to me.
My children bring their smiles
and laughter, wrapped and ready, spilling from the box.
My husband has displayed his comfort
and warm presence in a picture frame.
My family and friends bring joy,
debate, help and assurance
with bright bows atop.
My Father brings eternity and peace
and rest it in his arms, cradling
His treasures.

I on the other hand wanted the perfect party dress...
and remain closed in the bedroom.
Gifts unopened.
Too saddened by my shoddy garb
to see and hear the revelry.


fiddlin.momma said...


One dimension leaves us wanting
So why do I want life in one dimension:

Why not be satisfied instead
To taste today in all its fullness,
All its panic,
All its joy,
Frustration, weariness,fear, Renewal,hope?

Yet all this emotion drips
With a lingering sense of failure
For engaging life so thoroughly.

Let me enter the exhaustiveness of this day
Without fearing its bulging three dimensions
Unsettling as that may be.

Jen said...

very nice Tara! you are a good friend :)