Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day #10, Couplets, only 355 more days to go...

Okay so a "Couplet" is not  a type of poem but rather an element in one, still worth exploring. Probably gonna go cheesy though as it rhymes... PS rocks when you need some help rhyming!

Definition of Couplet Poetry Type and Term
A Couplets is a Stanza of only two lines which usually rhyme. Shakespearean (also called Elizabethan and English) sonnets usually end in a couplet and are a pair of lines that are the same length and usually rhyme and form a complete thought. William Shakespeare makes use of couplets in more complex rhyme schemes. Think The Night Before Christmas!

Dream or Memory?
I dream some things I wish I wouldn't
thinking things I know I shouldn't

Waking up, I try not to remember
but every dream is a burning ember

singing my day with a vivd mark
every memory seeming so stark

not white or black but technicolor
and real life seems much, much duller

because every night I lay down my head
praying even, that nothing is said

that will haunt me or taunt me or plague my day
these dreams I call memories, why must they stay?

if you don't know me I dream all the time and it is worse lately. We think it may have something to do with the heart valve. I just don't get the kind of sleep I should but I can wake up in the morning and write for 30 minutes on the things I dream and some of it just isn't that pleasant. On the other hand some of it is stinking hilarious...


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