Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Free Book

by Brian Thomes

What can you say about a book that in the first chapter leaves you screaming, "You jerk!" and by the last chapter, same thing but more at yourself than the author...

It's rare that a pastor type has the gonads (I'm using this word in his honor) to publish something that makes him appear as he really is. He is a real guy and the more I read the more I thought he didn't sound so different than what I or my husband might sound like if we were alone. I didn't have to agree with every thought but he keeps it real, it speeds along and most importantly he sticks to the biblical principles that firmly back up his points even when you don't like his take.

My take, he has a point. One I think every Christian could stand having drummed into their heads. We are free in Christ! Two, I think I could be this guys friend because I could trust him not to sugar coat it and that itself was freeing to know that someone out there isn't afraid to say hey, guess what, I believe in Christ, love Christ, love others but I'm not perfect and that isn't so much a sin, now is it?

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