Friday, August 27, 2010

Day #9, Conceit

Conceit Poetry Type
Conceit Poetry Type is where an image or metaphor likens one thing to something else that is seemingly very different. Poets often use a far-fetched simile or metaphor in this style. An example of a conceit can be found in Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?".

Didn't I already do this, it seems awful similar to analogy?!

Oh the bother of it! These slinky little maggots called bills.
They creep in from the furthest corners, breed
indeed they are pestilent! 
and I am powerless to the printed ink that states
You OWE, you owe...
Do I? Did I buy that? Viral they are.
Once you've been slapped with one
they all start coming in. One fly lays a million eggs
a million squirmy disgusting progeny
all bent on taking as much as they possibly can.

It's bill day if you couldn't tell :)


fiddlin.momma said...

Comical - coincidental - that I was just thinking 'in conceit' on the drive home, wondering how to create a poem with the strange comparison rolling around in my head... here goes:


An elegant string of pearls
Set just so to
Accentuate, facilitate the gentle curves of neck and collarbone
Beauty no person can replicate - each one unique,
Surrounding a grain of sand,
Carefully drilled to be held together
By a silken cord.
A spinal cord
Held in place by a magnificent string of vertebrae
Set just so to
Accentuate, facilitate the elegant nerves streaming out messages
At rates no man can replicate - intricate detail,
Each message sending out a tiny command
Carefully calculated to be sent back to
That precious cord.
What agony is felt when tension breaks
A perfect strand of pearls.

Jen said...

love the last two lines! good visual, very feminine but my back hurts ;)