Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day #13, Doggerel, socks on the floor anyone?

Definition of Doggerel
A Doggerel is a light verse which is humorous and comic by nature - often viewed with disdain as containing little literary value.

so this is SUPPOSED to be bad... so you are forewarned!

Socks Astray
Have you ever seen a sock
lying on the ground
not an ordinary frock
not one lost and found
but conveniently discarded
next to the laundry bin
all courtesy disregarded
and your patience running thin?

You find yourself grabbing at it
putting it in its place
but suddenly your husband isn't
finding so much grace.

The lowly sock can ruin
more than one good day
but a Godly woman
knows just what she should say,

What a lovely home I'm blessed with
my blessings do abound
and today and here to forthwith
this floor is Holy ground.

So if your leaving socks
next to the very thing
meant to hold such frocks
you'll be doing your own washing!

Seriously this isn't too big a problem in my house but let's say it has been a phenomenon a time or two... my husband does better than most at picking up after himself, the 8 year old is learning though!

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