Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 332, the playful light

My windowshade is down
There is a milky sheen
Of light whitewashing
Its chocolate hue

Behind my windowshade
Are all the living things
Big floppy vine leaves
Dancing quietly. There is
The fuzzy outline of a
Fluttering butterfly a
A bee makes an elegant
Path past me

All of it is soft
Easy, calming

Then the sun shifts

No more gentle suggesting
Of shape and space
But rather the uncomfortable
Stark silhouettes
Obvious contours

No space left for my
Mind to imagine and project
My wishes

I'm forced to accept
Exactly what's presented.

Then a cloud lumbers
By and my
Creamy light is gone

I'm suddenly very aware of how inside I am
Just how brown this curtain is
How much my heart wants to touch
Those velvet leaves
And hear the buzz of the bee

I watch with bleak
Fascination this disconcerting observation
A playful light on and off
I don't want the shade drawn up
I'd rather watch the cat and mouse of light and shadow
See the sun perform it's dollar fifty
Magic act pretend God
Is working out the stage lighting pretend
I'm not a mind in denial but
Rather an imaginative romantic
Content with seeing
But not knowing what's outside my window.

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