Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 316, a quick note to you, the reader

I wish I had a million readers, I do, I admit it. But I'm glad I've got a few special ones. My time is winding up and I'm stressing out wondering what my next challenge will be. I need to push harder somehow. Life has not been easy this year, I don't expect it to get easier. It is what it is, full on adulthood, mid-thirties grit. The good kind. Thanks for reading, if you do! Your encouragement has been such a ministry to me! :) Now on to a poem for a day like today...hmmm... ala Whimzie and "Dry" God's got me thinking about what it takes to help someone heal and how much "healing" we try to do by our own power, we kind of get to thinking we can be the healers, least I do if I'm honest.


We are the worst kind
of doctors alive

here, let me heal you.

we see wounds and rub with pumice stone
the thing that should have been left alone

the rough stuff is for the feet and the path
that must be traveled. not ever the salve
that heals the hurting places.

we scour on like zombie manicurist
scrubbing away the rough skin
little Jesus zombies, ready to fix, so ready to scrub!
hands out in thoughtless abandon

let me heal you.
let me heal you.
let me heal you.

Dry, chafed skin our miracle healing.
Not the baby skin of birth and newness
nothing that fragile left.


whimzie said...

So true, Jen.

It's hard not to help. But it's like trying to pull a rose out of a tight bud or "helping" a butterfly out of its cocoon. We do more harm than good. And it's hard knowing when it's okay to step in and when we should instead let people do what they can and need to do for themselves....and so they'll learn to rely on God rather than us.

I've also learned in this season where everyone and everything I'm accustomed to turning to for help is unavailable for one reason or another. It has felt lonely. But I know this is where the learning takes place.

Jen said...

Something tells me you and I have been in similar orbits although under totally different circumstances. lonely does make for growing :)