Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 331, if God were on facebook

I'd post on his wall

Jen Gregory: hey, know ur busy but I need to know what u want me to do, can u call me?

Jen Gregory: I'm really confused, its just a little thing not that big of deal but need your help badly! Please call!

Jen Gregory: I sent you a message. Hope your ok. Still haven't heard from you...

Jen Gregory: all I wanted was your wisdom! U really should have called me! What if that little thing messed up something bigger?

Jen Gregory: seriously!!!! Nothing?

And then I'd stalk his page. See if he's commentedon anyone else's page. Then I'd read his last status.

God: I won't be on facebook much. I have a new blog, all about making good decisions. You can reach me through that. Shalom friends.

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