Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 318, what I like about Eve

We would be besties
Toe nail painting
Tabloid reading 

She would tell me all about Adam
How withdrawn he seems
How ever since he turned
His back on his best friend at work
It's like he's working for the devil
And she'd tell me how perfect her life
Was before she ate and gained all the weight

I'd nod, like, me too
And yada, yada
But I wouldn't believe her
I mean nobody lives in Eden, ever
We just think we should

She would paint it in perfect detail
Her life before "the fall"
How sweet Adam was
He brought her flowers then, you know.

I'd pop a Hubba Bubba bubble
Inhale the acetone aroma of shiny
Metallic toenails, wiggle each digit and avoid Looking her in the eye. 

No such thing as Eden, who would do something so radically stupid as believe some snake like Satan?

I'd flip casually through the magazine noting which life was all Screwed up this week and which one wasn't.

Eve would keep fanning her toes but crazy how Funny she is, just a riot, so honest, Wise really. She's a girl who learns from her mistakes.

We rent movies about men and women nothing like real men and women, trying to plant some wishful thinking
Like magic beans or forbidden fruit

Wiggling our shiny red toe nails that we stare at hypnotized
Enchanted, and honestly I've no clue why But Eve stares at her candy red polish A little longer, like,

It's the prettiest and saddest thing she's ever seen.

Like she'd sell her soul for something
But she wouldn't do that
Not really, too good a gal and all
That's why I love her
She's all complex and 3-D
My kinda girl that Eve.

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